NYC Dance Week

Fitness Labs sponsored by FitEngine

Fitness Labs will be posted in April.  See the labs from last year.

Dance-Based Core Strengthening Lab with Mary Burns

DESCRIPTION: This Pilates class for professional and aspiring dancers will focus upon proper strengthening of the core via mat exercises. Building from the inside out, certain accessories such as thera-bands and magic circles will be employed for specific isolation exercises to help avoid future injury. Based on Karen Clippinger’s BASI/Pilates for Dancers Certification program.  BRING YOUR OWN BAND!


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Hip Hop Dance Lab ” Breaking WaVeS” with Elana Meta

DESCRIPTION: Dance connects the mind, body, and soul. Hip-hop is a celebration, an expression of freedom and a way to rise above life’s worries. It is a global movement which merges dance, music, art, MCing, and radical self-expression. Breaking WaVeS is the vanguard of hip-hop dance.

This workshops will teach the six fundamental elements of hip-hop dance—popping,
locking, boogaloo, rocking, breaking and social dance. The class will break down the
physical and rhythmic foundations of each element in a way that is within reach for
everyone from beginner to advanced. Building on this movement vocabulary we will
learn a sequence of dance moves which we will perform live.

Elana Meta bridges the gap between opposing demographics through art, dance and
creativity. She’s featured in music videos and commercials such as Nike, Xbox, Boost
Mobile, and is a recurring actor on the ABC television show “What Would You Do?” Her
message is one of evolution: to create social change through artistic expression. Her
duality between urban hard-core and earth-mama is tantalizing and inspiring. In 2010,
Meta was named Maxim Magazines Campus Cutie and crawled through mud to win the
Spartan Obstacle Race. Meta embodies a Movement: she’s forming an army of artistic
soldiers, living powerfully in their unity to be the evolution of change.

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Beginners Hip Hop with Charnele Crick

This beginner hip-hop class is for all-ages. The class breakdown is as follows: warm-up with basic hip-hop grooves and fundamental isolations, stretch, learn some choreo (not just how to put moves to music, but also how to tell a story with dance), and show me what you workin’ with (aka freestyle) if time permits. Charnele will base the pacing of the class on the needs of the students. Fun, confidence and a sense of humor are allowed, rude haters are not.



Thai Partner Stretching with Nicole Touzien

In this hands-on laboratory, we will explore various stretches used in Thai wellness modalities. No partner is needed to register, however we will be working in pairs. Areas of focus will be the hamstrings, hip flexors, lower and upper back, and chest. Through passive stretch, we will work to increase range of motion and increase flexibility, which can aid in pain relief, relaxation, and increased well-being. Please wear comfortable pants and a long-sleeved shirt, and bring either a yoga mat and/or blanket. 

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Beg. Ballet Dance Class and Knowing the Juicy Details of Ballet with Kat Wildish

Know the juicy details of ballet from a world class ballerina. The lab will be a regular beginner dance class with tips on how to stand, carry yourself, and understand and use the movements more intimately than just doing as you are told.